Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Extreme wavy design look

Wavy Designs look extremely unordinary.
It seems that you made a trip to 2050 year.
Designs of the restaurants, kitchen or furniture that are shown below can be surely called best interior designs of 2011 – 2050.
Hope you like these ideas and you will add some contemporary shapes to your life.

Architectural Design Floating Hotels In Qatar

There is nothing more to unite the entire world today besides sports. Are like the world cup for example, which will surely attract the attention of the whole world. To host a big event like this certainly Qatar not wasted this opportunity and try to meet the specific needs for this important event.
The most striking change of course is to build something great, radical, and functional for a large crowd of visitors who will come. This change involves urban problems too, of course, traffic overload will be particularly important issue to consider in this event.

Qatar as host, prepared a plan to make some floating hotel that could accommodate about 25,000 people. Of course with their own water transportation system. The project itself should be realized by Sigge architects collaborate with a global accommodation management. This floating hotel is planned to be floated off the beach in Doha and will be connected by ships and transport lines to be built, in addition to the artificial island will also have its own power supply.
Qatar certainly has the resources necessary to realize this project see the existing stage design by Zaha Hadid as evidence. The design and the idea of floating hotels is quite amazing and the interior design of a luxurious contemporary style hotel is sure to amaze guests. But after the excitement of world cup event is over whether the act of making a building floats for this for something that is temporary is a wise choice? Urban planner should already have plans for the building or if it does not eat this building will be left abandoned rusty.